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Meditation is a state of consciousness that helps us connect to our inner self.

When practised on a regular basis the benefits can have a major positive impact in all areas of our life.

What is Meditation?



Enjoy the benefits of regular meditation.


Meditation sessions are available online via Zoom/Skype and in person.

What are the benefits?


Meditation helps calm and quieten the busy chatter of our mind.

We are able to focus more and find solutions easier.

It helps to bring peace of mind and  think in a more positive way.


Meditation has a positive effect on our physical body by reducing stress/anxiety as it slows down the heart rate, relaxes the nervous system and aids pain tolerance.

It also releases endorphins and increases serotonin levels.


Meditation is good for the soul, by connecting us to our inner self, giving us a break from the "outside world".

Our intuition enhances and

 we feel more at one within, helping to maintain a sense of inner peace.

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Lifestyle 1-1

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or just need some time out for yourself, meditation is a great way to slow down, clear your mind and reconnect with self

Office Space

 The Workplace

 Meditation in the workplace is a great way for employees and employers alike to relax, destress and return to work feeling revived and refocused.

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In School

Meditation for children has been proven to relieve stress, aid concentration, help to manage emotions and build a secure sense of self from an early age.

Twins with Down Syndrome in Wheelbarrow

Research has shown that people with learning disabilities who learn meditation are able to better manage emotional problems such as anger and anxiety.


What would my session look like?

Each meditation session is created to uniquely suit you or your organisation's needs.

Please see below for some examples:

Group Meditation

In The Workplace

(This could be at an office or at a co-working space).

Provided in the Brighton & Hove are.

The session would include a mindful practise of coming into the present

with the use of breath work. A suitable guided meditation will be given as well as empowering affirmations to carry forward into every day working life.

These sessions helps to benefit individuals as it gives your employees helpful tools to carry out their day with a clearer focus, it also can benefit the team as it improves overall motivation in the work place.

Children in Yoga Class

In School

(This could be in the school day or after school club)

Provided in the Brighton & Hove area.

The session would include games to help teach mindfulness awareness,

with the use of breath work and suitable guided meditations.

Meditations are specificaly designed  to suit each age group & ability.

This is a fun way for children to benefit from mindfulness and meditation.

Meditation is a great way to boost group confidence and bring in a sense of calm so that students can focus on their work with less stress and anxiety.

What is the cost?

1-1 sessions are set at £15.

All group sessions cost are subject to length, number of persons and budget.

Please get in touch below to discuss your requirements and together we will put together a package that works for you and your organisation.

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